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Greek Architecture
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GREEK ARCHITECTURE BY ALLAN MARQUAND, PH.D., L.H.D. PROFESSOR OF ART AND ARCHAEOLOGY IN PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PREFACE IN publishing this treatise on Greek Architecture I wish to acknowledge my obligations to many writers. These are all recorded in the List of Abbreviations at the end of the volume and in the references given in the text. But a more special acknowledgment is due to the scholars whose work has appeared in the publications of the German Government on Olympia, Pergamon, Priene, and Magnesia, and in that of the French Government on Delphi, winch have furnished much material for both text and illustrations. The general treatises of most assistance have been those of Boetticher, Dunn, and Choisy, while the more specialized works of Penrose, Haussoullier, Lechat, Ivrell, Koldewey, Puchstein, Wie gaud, and Doerpfeld, as well as many articles published in periodicals, have greatly facilitated my task I am also indebted to Professor Harold N. Fowler for a care ful revision of the manuscript, to Dr. Oliver S Tonks for much valuable assistance in reading the proofs and preparing the indexes, to Clarence Ward for milking the illustrations for Chapters I, II, and IV, and to William B. Dinsmoor for those of Chapters V and VI. TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER I - MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION Wood, clay, concrete and stucco, stone and marble, metal. Foundations and pavements. Walls, doorways and windows, Columns and entablatures, ceilings and roofs. CHAPTER II - ARCHITECTURAL FORMS Foundations. Walls Antae, Doors and windows. Pillars, columns and piers. Entablatures. Ceilings and roofs. CHAPTER III - PROPORTION Major ratios. Minor ratios. Modified ratios. Symmetrical ratios or proportion. CHAPTER IV - DECORATION Grtek methods of decoration, Types of ornament Decoration of foundations, pavements and walls. Doors, windows, pilasters, Columns Entablatures. Ceilings and roofs. CHAPTER V - COMPOSITION AND STYLE Foundations and pavements. Walls plasters. Doors and windows,column, Ceilings and roof, Style: Doric, Ionic, Win? Mixed, and Miscellaneous. CHAPTER VI - MONUMENTS Towns and their defences, Water supply. monuments: altars and temples. the bouleuterion and prytanoion. the agora and stoo. Buildings for pliyNirnl IlilhinN ttit palatstra, baths, stadion, and hippotiroiut. intellectual and social purposes, theatres, music halls. Building for clotuivslit : In palace and private house. harbors. Sepulchral architecture LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS INDEX OF GREEK WORDS GENERAL INDEX

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