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Bladez Winch Transporter
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Bladez Gameplay Winch Helicopter with gyroscopic technology now adds more excitement to your flying time with full function electronic winch and cargo basket! The 3 channel helicopter can now transport cargo up to 10g and with 8m flying range the skill challenge potential is endless!

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Stand: 31.10.2020
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Positioning and stabilization of the cargo posi...
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The monograph deals with selected issues associated with steering of working movements of the jib cranes. Three methods of final positioning of the cargo crane in the slewing of the upper structure have been proposed. They vary not only with the algorithm and the structure of the control system but also with the required measurement equipment. In case of cranes founded on the moveable base, in particular the offshore cranes, the problem of stabilization of the cargo position is important. A way to solve this problem is presented in the book. It assumes the simultaneous use of drives: drum winch and special auxiliary system. The work contains description of the crane models: the basic one, taking into account flexibilities and damping in the selected subsystems, its modifications and simplified models used in the optimization tasks. The results of the indirect verification of the basic model are also presented. A physical model of the rotary crane has been used, to carry out experimental verification of one of the methods of final cargo positioning.

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Stand: 31.10.2020
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